Late night Thoughts

bed-1979270_1920A day whether good or bad should always end with good thoughts. When you go to sleep your subconscious mind wakes up and if you feed it with positive thoughts, happy thoughts just before you trail away into dreamland you will have nice stuff to dream about and most likely your morning the next day will start off on a good note.

Welcome to my first blog where I am going to share my thoughts, opinions, experiences and reflections on how to keep happy, to enjoy life, to overcome challenges, to live and to love.

My blog will be based on research, day to day occurrences, and more often than not my personal opinion toward trending topics and life’s challenges.

I have decided to finally start blogging so that I can be a voice of courage, of hope, of happiness and of love; for myself, for my kids and for many other children, women and men who are going through tougher conditions than I am and struggling tooth and nail to get to see the next day. I am blogging because there is already more than enough finger pointing and complaining and playing the blame game. We are all so stressed by the stuff going on around us that most of us naturally do the easiest thing to do: find someone to blame. We are filling our minds with so much negativity that it robs us of the opportunities to witness precious little moments that come across our lives every single day.

I want to be happy and everyone does and it is not easy neither is it hard. If it were easy to be happy then we would not be witnessing all the mess going on around us.

Therefore for my first blog, I am writing this just before retiring for the day, I want us to take the first step together towards being happy and that is by filling up our subconscious mind with positive thoughts before going to sleep.

My positive thoughts for today are of all the amazing people that have walked in to my life, my schoolmates, family, friends, colleagues, strangers I met while on holiday, at a seminar in the supermarket, at the bar, neighbors the list is endless. Those people who have put a smile on my face and created moments that are unforgettable, as well as those who wrecked my moods and left impressions that are unforgivable. We are collectively responsible for NOT having doomsday coming yesterday. That, we should be proud off, we will leave to see another day.

I rest my case with this parting shot. As I close my eyes and drift away to dreamland I appreciate everyone that has come into my life. Those that came and stayed and also that left. That guys is a good late night thought. Cheers!